• “I started seeing Bianca shortly after my return from hospital following an operation for a fractured hip.

    With her help, her warmth and encouragement, after 2 months already I went from feeling afraid and crippled to feeling much stronger and confident in my own recovery.

    Bianca is very knowledgeable and experienced in rehab work, and she passes that knowledge on with patience.

    There were lots of things I thought I couldn’t do, times that she both challenged and inspired me to go a bit further.

    She also did me the great favour of always sending the program after each session so I could follow up in between appointments.

    Once when I injured myself slightly by twisting the wrong way, I was quite panicked, and she actually managed to come the same day, and completely calmed my fears by explaining what happened and how to do stretches to undo the problem. That was way beyond the call of duty and very appreciated.

    I ‘m very thankful to PhysiMobile for 1) offering such a helpful service as home visits, and 2) having such great professionals as Bianca. I wish everyone could have such competent intelligent help in their recovery.”

    Jan Bauer Côte-des-Neiges
  • “After a surgery to remove a brain tumor, I had the choice of going to an equipped center to do my physiotherapy or use PhysioMobile. Given that this was during COVID19, I elected the home therapy but it was truly the best decision as I had the good fortune of having Bianca Celli as my physiotherapist.

    Bianca is an attentive, creative and knowledgeable physiotherapist.

    My operation was successful other than the left side of my body being a little weaker and slower than my right side. Bianca recognized it immediately and so begun the simplest yet most innovative exercises to awaken my left and regain the balance in my body.

    One of the things that impressed me the most was how attentive she was to my discomforts. I had a hard time getting the air into my lungs, it almost felt like I didn’t know how to breath. My family couldn’t understand and thought it was simply my anxiety but Bianca immediately acknowledged and brought a bag of balloons for me to blow air into, the problem was solved within days.

    I am so grateful to PhysioMobile for sending Bianca Celli to my rescue!”

    Elinor Amar Westmount
  • “I would like to extend our gratitude to Anita Mahi, physiotherapist at Physio Mobile, for her compassion, professionalism and expertise.

    She worked with my mom, who has dementia, in strengthening her leg after an injury: her patience was remarkable. My mom is much stronger now and has improved dramatically.

    Thank you, Anita!”

    Elisa Bisante Dorval
  • “My husband, Stanley Sternthal, has been a patient of Stéphan Crôteau for the past year.

    My husband has Alzheimer’s disease, and his mental and physical abilities are very compromised. I cannot praise Stéphan highly enough. He always approaches my husband with respect and gives my husband the dignity that he deserves. It is because of Stéphan that my husband is mobile. Stéphan patiently challenges him to improve his mobility, assuring Stanley that he is capable of doing the task at hand. It is because of Stéphan that his mobility continues to improve.

    Thank you, thank you Stéphan and thank you PhysioMobile for referring Stéphan to us.”

    Judy Sternthal Hampstead
  • “I appreciate being able to call on your services when I have a client who needs your services, especially that you will treat people in their homes. As I work with older adults, some have mobility challenges that can be alleviated by regular sessions of physiotherapy. Two of my clients in particular have been able to maintain their independent walking, which means they can be much more independent in other parts of their lives – these clients have an improved quality of life overall due to your assistance.

    I know when I contact your firm that I am assured of therapists who are not only skilled, but also are caring. Your service allows my clients to really maximize their ability to walk, which brings them more confidence in going about their daily habits in security.

    I would recommend your services to any older adult wishing to improve their balance, strength, and mobility.”

    Susan Nichol Owner, Nichol Services
  • “Thank you very much for the excellent service you are providing for my husband who had a catastrophic accident and has a diagnosis of quadriplegia. The assistance you are providing is a positive support for him.”

    J. Rochester Hampstead
  • “My dad and I our very happy with the excellent service at PhysioMobile that was given to my mom. Not only was the service excellent from Jean-François and Shazia, they were very understanding and caring throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them.”

    Maria Chionis Daglaris Dania Beach, Florida
  • “Thank you so much for sending me Éliane when I herniated a lumbar disc and couldn’t even get out of the house. I could hardly walk across my room before I found your service, let alone drive to a physiotherapist. She has been an enormous help. So knowledgeable, observant, analytical, and super pleasant. A breath of fresh air! She explained things to me both in terms of what was happening in my body and the rationale for each step of the treatment. It was a God-send to have her come to the house and give me the physio treatments and exercises regularly, in all kinds of winter weather too! I should also mention how positive and encouraging Éliane has been throughout this whole “journey” of mine. While all the time being realistic in our objectives, and monitoring things as we went along. I can’t thank you enough. It’s a wonderful service that you offer, and you have a gem of a physio working for you. No doubt many gems work on the team! What a fantastic service to come to people’s homes when they need it the most!”

    Mary Stark Beaconsfield
  • “Since I fractured my spine, one of your physiotherapists has been looking after me: exercises of all kinds, both in my apartment and in the pool. The results have been amazing – it never occurred to me that I would recover as quickly as I have.”

    Sarah Stevenson Westmount
  • “When all the Drs and Nurses gave up on my elderly aunt after a fall that resulted in a broken leg and said that she would never walk again and be confined to a wheelchair, I would not take “no” for an answer. After a search for a physiotherapist that would provide in home care and assessment, we hired PhysioMobile to work with her. The therapist agreed with me and believed that she would walk again with the aid of a walker. Working with my aunt he proved them all wrong. Hard working, his knowledge and enthusiasm moved her along to where she is today. He provided me with bi-weekly progress reports so that I was always aware of what was next. Thank you so very much for everything you have done for her!”

    Laura Penner (on behalf of her Aunt Millicent Baker) Villeray St-Michel Parc-Extension
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