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The physical therapists at PhysioMobile have diversified background knowledge and clinical experience skill sets.

Evolving in different areas of practice, each therapist is equipped to best respond to the needs of specific types of clienteles.

As a result, based on your very situation and needs, we will determine which of our therapists is well-suited for your treatment follow-up.

Access to our services

A physician’s prescription is not required to have access to our PhysioMobile services. However, our direct access (no prescription required) private services are not covered by Medicare.

We are a registered service provider with the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail, the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, as well as with Veterans Affairs Canada.


Geared towards people suffering from a musculoskeletal problem (joints, muscles, bones), our orthopaedic physiotherapy treatments comprise of two primary approaches: manual therapy and the McKenzie MDT method.

Manual therapy allows for the evaluation, diagnosing and treatment of the problem at hand with the aim to restore mobility and reduce pain, whereas the McKenzie MDT approach is based on patient education and self-treatment using straightforward exercises.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons for which you could call upon our services in this area of practice:

  • Treatment following a Total Hip Replacement/Arthroplasty (THR/A) or a Total Knee Replacement/Arthroplasty (TKR/A) surgery
  • Treatment following a fracture with immobilization or surgery (e.g.: a fracture of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, spine/vertebra, pelvis, femur, kneecap, ankle, foot, etc.)
  • Post-operative treatment following a surgery (e.g.: Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) repair, meniscectomy, Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF), hip pinning, Intra-Medullary (IM) nailing of the femur or tibia, spinal fusions, etc.)
  • Treatment of neck pain or back pain, whether it is due to a disc herniation, radiculopathy (e.g.: cervical, sciatic nerve or sciatalgia), spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease, sacroiliac (SI) dysfunctions (e.g.: post-traumatic, post-partum), etc.
  • Treatment following a capsulo-ligamentous sprain or muscular strain, a bursitis, a tendinitis or tendinosis (e.g.: rotator cuff muscles, tennis / golfer’s elbow, plantar fasciitis), a capsulitis, etc.
  • Treatment to improve posture or alignment, normalize muscle imbalances, ensure proper neuromuscular or proprioceptive control (e.g.: core stability retraining)
  • Treatment of muscular, articular or neuromeningeal pain or stiffness
  • Treatment following sports, work or accidents-related injuries
  • Treatment of Severe Orthopaedic Injuries (SOI)


Our physical therapists intervene with people suffering from a disease of their neurological system (be it central or peripheral) in order to help them recover their physical and functional capacities, as well as their autonomy.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons for which you could call upon our services in this area of practice:

  • Treatment following a Cerebro-Vascular Accident (CVA or stroke), a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI), etc.
  • Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease (PD), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), etc.
  • Rehabilitation following neurosurgery


Working with older adults suffering from ageing-related disease processes, our physiotherapists strive to maintain their autonomy and improve their quality of life.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons for which you could call upon our services in this area of practice:

  • Treatment for people suffering from a loss of autonomy and who wish to remain at home
  • Treatment for people with reduced mobility, balance and walking difficulties
  • Treatment for general deconditioning

Functional rehabilitation

Aiming for an optimal level of recovery, our tailored functional rehabilitation program is designed for those who require physiotherapy treatments to facilitate their return to their home environment, to resume their activities and to improve their quality of life.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of reasons for which you could call upon our services in this area of practice:

  • Rehabilitative treatment following a recent hospitalisation, a surgery (e.g.: cardiac, abdominal) or a stay in a physical rehabilitation center or in an intensive functional rehabilitation unit

Complementary services

Other services offered by PhysioMobile are chest physiotherapy (for cardiac, vascular or pulmonary diseases), vestibular retraining (for vertigo, dizziness or loss of balance), pool therapy (for a variety of conditions), female perineal and pelvic floor rehabilitation (see section below) and cancer rehabilitation during and after active medical interventions.

Please note that we also offer evaluations for those who wish to apply for a disabled parking permit and/or paratransit services.

Female perineal and pelvic floor rehabilitation

Perineal and pelvic floor rehabilitation is one of many fields of practice in physiotherapy that works to prevent or treat problems related to the proper functioning of the bladder, the rectum and the female genital tract.

It consists of strengthening and stretching exercises, as well as of manual techniques designed to normalize the urinary system, tensions, pains, prolapses (organs sagging or dropping) and the strength of the pelvic floor.

As such, PhysioMobile offers you the following services:

  • Pre-partum follow-up:
    To ensure that a good balance remains between a strong yet supple perineum, and to prevent issues from arising in the post-partum phase
  • Post-partum follow-up:
    To prevent or treat urinary incontinence, optimize scar healing, decrease pains, assess prolapses and facilitate a return to sexual intercourse
  • General treatments:
    Assess prolapses, treat issues related to the proper functioning of the bladder (incontinence, voiding frequency, etc.), the rectum (incontinence, constipation, etc.), the vulva and/or vagina (pains, scars, tensions, weaknesses, etc.), amongst others

PhysioMobile packages

Always striving to give you more!

“Off to a good start”

pre-op package

This package is tailored towards people who will undergo an elective total joint surgery shortly, either for their hip (Total Hip Replacement/Arthroplasty) or for their knee (Total Knee Replacement/Arthroplasty). PhysioMobile offers you the complete pre-operative workup and preparations in order for you to be off to a good start once your surgery will be completed. To do so, you will receive the visits from a physical therapist and an occupational therapist.


The physiotherapist will perform an assessment of the person’s physical condition and general mobility status. Education will be provided on the following topics: the general expectations pertaining to the surgery itself and the post-op rehab process, the restrictions that may apply depending on the type of surgery, the weight-bearing status and the walking aids, transfers, adapted exercise programs, helpful tips, etc.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist will perform a home assessment with the following aims in mind: to provide you with recommendations and adaptations that will best meet your needs; to facilitate your transfers and mobility; and to optimize your overall level of function and autonomy in performing your daily activities in the post-operative phase. The occupational therapist can also guide and assist you in the process of acquiring and installing the necessary equipments that will help you in your recovery.

To begin your post-op rehabilitation: in taking this package, once your surgery is completed, PhysioMobile will offer you your first home care physiotherapy treatment session for FREE!

“Stay at home”

screening package

With this package, PhysioMobile offers a global interdisciplinary team approach. It comprises the evaluation, recommendations and treatment follow-up from a physical therapist and an occupational therapist. Due to their complementary expertises, you will benefit from a comprehensive approach to ensure that you remain well at home for as long as possible!


The physiotherapist will perform an evaluation of your movements, strength, endurance, general mobility, transfers, gait, walking aids, risk of falls, etc., based on your situation and needs.

Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapist will perform an evaluation of your independence in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and in Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs), a cognitive evaluation, an evaluation of your home environment with subsequent recommendations and adaptations as needed, etc., based on your situation and needs.

After their respective evaluations, both therapists will propose their intervention programs in a concerted effort to promote your safety, mobility and quality of life, so that you may stay well at home for as long as possible.

RATES (exempt healthcare services)

Physiotherapy services

For the initial evaluation and treatment sessions, one rate only: $125 (FADOQ $120) per visit

*Note: we do not charge any additional fees for traveling.

What our rates include

The travel time of the physiotherapist
A one-hour physiotherapy session (entry/exit)

The payment is required immediately after reception of the services. The receipt given can be used towards private insurance claims or as deductible medical expenses with your income taxes.

Indirect treatment time (if applicable)

$75 an hour

PhysioMobile packages

Please contact us for more information.

Last minute cancellation

From 24 hours to 4 hours before the appointment: $75

From 4 hours before the appointment to the time of the appointment: full visit rate

In all fairness and so that as many people can benefit from our high in demand services – we thank you for your understanding.

Accepted payment modalities

Cash, cheque (to the order of PhysioMobile), debit cards, credit cards (Discover, Visa, MasterCard, American Express; pre-authorized payments), Interac e-Transfer and PayPal.