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PhysioMobile is a team of experienced physiotherapists offering personalized home care services to the Greater Montreal region since 2004. We are also the official home care physiotherapy service partner of Kinatex Sports Physio clinics.

The PhysioMobile team offers quality physiotherapy services, wherever you are:

  • At home
  • At a private seniors’ residence
  • At a public long-term care facility (CHLSD)
  • In a hospital setting
  • At the office
  • In a hotel

All of our therapists are registered members of l’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec and are committed to providing you with the personalized care you need and deserve.

Your well-being and satisfaction are our priorities!

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Why Choose PhysioMobile?

  • Our services are convenient and accessible to all.
  • We are a team comprised exclusively of university-trained physiotherapists.
  • We provide attentive, one-on-one private care.
  • Our treatments are personalized and client-centred to meet your needs.
  • Our physiotherapists are reliable, knowledgeable and skilled.
  • Client satisfaction is our priority (refer to our client testimonials and Google reviews).

Physiotherapy Fields of Practice



Our therapists can assist you to control your pain and regain mobility following an injury or surgery to your musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is comprised of the joints, muscles and bones of your body.

Functional rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation

Our tailored functional rehabilitation program is designed to assist you once you are discharged home following a prolonged stay at a hospital, convalescence home or physical rehabilitation centre.  Our aim is to continue to assist you in your recovery by facilitating the transition back to your home environment.



Our physiotherapists intervene with individuals recovering from a neurological condition by helping them to regain their physical and functional abilities.  If you are experiencing pain, decreased balance and/or reduced mobility from your condition, we can help.

Complementary services

Complementary services

Other services offered by PhysioMobile are chest physiotherapy, pool therapy and cancer rehabilitation during and after active medical interventions.



We specialize in working with older adults who may be experiencing pain from a chronic condition or decline in their physical ability and function. Our goal is to work with you in order to keep you active, maintain your physical independence and improve your quality of life during these golden years.

Client Testimonials

  • "When all the Drs and Nurses gave up on my elderly aunt after a fall that resulted in a broken leg and said that she would never walk again and be confined to a wheelchair, I would not take "no" for an answer. After a search for a physiotherapist that would provide in home care and assessment, we hired PhysioMobile to work with her. The therapist agreed with me and believed that she would walk again with the aid of a walker. Working with my aunt he proved them all wrong. Hard working, his knowledge and enthusiasm moved her along to where she is today. He provided me with bi-weekly progress reports so that I was always aware of what was next. Thank you so very much for everything you have done for her!"

    Laura Penner (on behalf of her Aunt Millicent Baker) Villeray St-Michel Parc-Extension
  • "After undergoing hip replacement surgery at the age of 87 which came close to immobilizing me, PhysioMobile was asked to provide a therapist for in-home physiotherapy to help me recuperate. His services through the Autumn of 2014 not only brought me back but resulted in me being better than I was before the surgery and even for a number of pain-filled years before that. Now I am stronger than I believed I would be and, in fact, for 88 years of age practically sprightly. My wife is now recovering from serious surgery done only six weeks ago and I have been able to assist her in regaining her stamina by accompanying her on mile-long walks as well as effortlessly and painlessly picking up on the household chores, things I could not have done a year ago. Thanks in great part to JF and PhysioMobile's services I am now looking forward to a whole new chapter of my active life."

    Roy Howard Nuns' Island, Verdun
  • "I would like to extend our gratitude to Anita Mahi, physiotherapist at Physio Mobile, for her compassion, professionalism and expertise. She worked with my mom, who has dementia, in strengthening her leg after an injury: her patience was remarkable. My mom is much stronger now and has improved dramatically. Thank you, Anita!"

    Elisa Bisante Dorval


Our PhysioMobile team will travel to service clients in the following territories:

Montreal Island and the South Shore of Montreal.

Contact us to find out about our availability in your area.


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Our services are offered exclusively at your home or at a location that is convenient to you.

Availability of our therapists

Our PhysioMobile therapists are available weekdays by appointment. (Evening and weekend coverage is subject to the availability of the individual therapist.)

Office hours

Monday to Thursday: 9 am to 5 pm

Friday: 9 am to 1 pm

Response time for a first visit: 24 to 48 hrs (as of the next working day; may vary depending on the demand for our services)

Processing of requests for treatment during our regular office hours: on the same day

Processing of requests for treatment outside of our regular office hours: upon the next working day

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