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PhysioMobile is a team of experienced physical therapists offering personalized home care physical rehabilitation services in the Montreal region and in its suburbs since 2004. It is also the official home care physiotherapy service partner of Kinatex Sports Physio clinics.

The PhysioMobile team offers quality rehabilitation services wherever you are: at home, in a residence for older adults, in a hospital setting, at your office, at a hotel, etc., with or without a physician’s prescription. Good weather or bad, we come to you with our equipment and we bring physiotherapy to your doorstep!

As registered members of l’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec, our therapists take your health and physical autonomy to heart.

Your well-being and your satisfaction are our priorities!

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Physiotherapy fields of practice



Geared towards people suffering from a musculoskeletal problem (joints, muscles, bones), our orthopaedic physiotherapy treatments comprise of two primary approaches: manual therapy and the McKenzie MDT method.

Functional rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation

Aiming for an optimal level of recovery, our tailored functional rehabilitation program is designed for those who require physiotherapy treatments to facilitate their return to their home environment, to resume their activities and to improve their quality of life.



Our physical therapists intervene with people suffering from a disease of their neurological system (be it central or peripheral) in order to help them recover their physical and functional capacities, as well as their autonomy.

Complementary services

Complementary services

Other services offered by PhysioMobile are chest physiotherapy, vestibular retraining, pool therapy, female perineal and pelvic floor rehabilitation and cancer rehabilitation during and after active medical interventions.



Working with older adults suffering from ageing-related disease processes, our physiotherapists strive to maintain their autonomy and improve their quality of life.

PhysioMobile packages

PhysioMobile packages

Because we always strive to give you more, with these packages, PhysioMobile offers a global interdisciplinary team approach. It comprises the evaluation, recommendations and treatment follow-up from a physical therapist and an occupational therapist.

Our physiotherapists:

enablers of your recovery!

The physical therapists at PhysioMobile have diversified background knowledge and clinical experience skill sets.
Evolving in different areas of practice, each therapist is equipped to best respond to the needs of specific types of clienteles.
As a result, based on your very situation and needs, we will determine which of our therapists is well-suited for your treatment follow-up.

Our clients’ testimonials

  • "My husband, Stanley Sternthal, has been a patient of Stéphan Crôteau for the past year.

    Judy Sternthal Hampstead
  • "I appreciate being able to call on your services when I have a client who needs your services, especially that you will treat people in their homes. As I work with older adults, some have mobility challenges that can be alleviated by regular sessions of physiotherapy. Two of my clients in particular have been able to maintain their independent walking, which means...

    Susan Nichol Owner, Nichol Services
  • "After undergoing hip replacement surgery at the age of 87 which came close to immobilizing me, PhysioMobile was asked to provide a therapist for in-home physiotherapy to help me recuperate. His services through the Autumn of 2014 not only brought me back but resulted in me being better than I was before the surgery and even for a number of pain-filled years before...

    Roy Howard Nuns' Island, Verdun


Our PhysioMobile team delivers a home care only practice (or other locations determined by the client – residence for older adults, hospital, office, hotel, etc.). It is with pleasure that our physical therapists will travel to service clients in the following territories:
Montreal island, Laval island, South Shore of Montreal, Montérégie-Centre and Montérégie-Est.

Contact us to find out about our availability in your area.


PhysioMobile and all of our therapists are members of l’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec.
We are also the home care physiotherapy service affiliated with the Saint-Laurent and Côte Saint-Luc/NDG Kinatex Sports Physio clinics.

As well, as partners of the FADOQ Network, PhysioMobile is proud to offer advantageous rates to the older adult population.

For reliable, high quality, mobile occupational therapy services, we recommend our valuable partner, M-Care Therapy.

Lastly, we are proud to contribute to the training of future physical therapists through our partnership with the School of Physical & Occupational Therapy at McGill University.

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Our services are offered exclusively outside of our office, at a location that is convenient to you: at home, in a residence for older adults, in a hospital setting, at your office, at a hotel, etc.

Availability of our therapists

Our PhysioMobile therapists are available weekdays by appointments. (Evening and weekend coverage is subject to the availability of the individual therapist.)

Office hours

Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm

Response time for a first visit: 24 to 48 hrs (as of the next working day)

Processing of requests for treatment during our regular office hours: on the same day

Processing of requests for treatment outside of our regular office hours: upon the next working day